Sunbeam Shadows Collection

In jewelry, as in life, balance is key - playful yet elegant, distinctive yet wearable, well-crafted yet affordable. I love creating colorful jewelry that helps you celebrate the day simply by wearing it.

We all look forward to the vitality of Spring, and now you can wear a little piece of it year-round. When Spring comes to Portland, Oregon, I’m eager to spend more time outdoors, but there are still plenty of rain showers. My favorite are those magical ones in which it’s bright and sunny and raining at the same time. The warmth of the sun peeks out from behind the clouds creating dramatic sunbeams and an uplifting feeling.  I’ve used that incredible color, light, and feeling as inspiration for my “Sunbeam Shadows” collection, which combines a cheerful, golden yellow with cool grey for a joyful yet sophisticated look.

The prices for this collection range from $27 to $140. For details about each piece or to buy, click here and be transported to my Etsy shop.