Fold and Curve Collection

For my Fall 2017 jewelry collection, I wanted to play with more angles and a bolder look, so it’s more geometric in nature than a lot of my recent work.  I’m calling it “Folds and Curves” because I created these unique forms by folding flat trapezoidal pieces of aluminum sheet in half or thirds, hammering the folds flat, then opening them back up. The results are interesting three-dimensional shapes that have distinctive textured ridges and some curving valleys.  I then anodize and carefully die them a soft gold and rich teal with black accents for a sophisticated look.

Due to the nature of this technique there will be variations from piece to piece.

As with all my collections, there is a wide variety of pieces from dainty stud earrings to a bold cuff bracelet. The prices range from $27 to $90.

For more information and to buy, click here to go to my Etsy shop.